Karachi Food – Taste in Every Bite

Karachi Food

There are many cities in Pakistan but when it comes to Karachi there are things that you will love but when it comes to food Karachi is the best place for foodies.

Karachi offers many varieties of food to foodies, it won’t matter where the visitor belongs because in Karachi you will find every kind of food i.e Desi Food, Chinese, Italian, Fast Food, Street Food and Bun Kabab.

There are many common street foods you will only find in Karachi the most.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani
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If you once visited Karachi you must have eaten biryani, if you will ask any Karachiites about what is the best food in Karachi he will always recommend biryani especially Chicken Biryani According to an average Karachiites “Biryani is Dead without chicken”. Even Darren Samy Loved the Karachi’s Chicken Biryani.

Famous Places to Eat Biryani in Karachi

  • Student Biryani
  • Biryani Center
  • Karachi Haleem and Biryani

Bun Kabab

Bun Kabab
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In Karachi at every corner, there is a Bun Kabab corner because people live in Karachi love bun kabab more than the Fast food burger. There are many famous bun kabab sellers but some of them are now known as a brand.

Famous Places to Eat Bun Kabab in Karachi

  • Tipu Bun Kabab and Burger
  • Society Bun Kabab
  • Bapu BUN Kabab

French Fries

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Believe me or not after every 50 steps you will see a fries stall because here people love French Fries A lot but here in Karachi fries are sold with 12 Flavors that makes it unique.

Famous Places to Eat French Fries in Karachi

  • Every Fries Seller has its own uniqueness so I cant any judge as the famous


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Nehari is the most common beef dish you will see in Karachi, and especially the people belongs to Lahore loves the Nehari. Nehari is the most common dish the people used to eat it as their breakfast with Kulcha or Naan.

Famous Places to Eat Nehari in Karachi

  • Javed Nehari
  • Zahid Nehari
  • Haji Mehfooz Nahari
  • Sabri Nehari house
  • Sohail Nehari
  • Malik Nehari

In the end, I will say only that you will love every food from out Karachi because here in Karachi we cook with love and passion.


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